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  • Space Creative Tech Hub brings together creative people in different areas of expertise to develop and implement sophisticated products and solutions in areas like Design, Communication and Marketing, Quality Assurance, Event Management and Creativity.

  • Space Creative Tech Hub aims to support companies and customers in all phases of product development: from initial exploratory dissertations, market analysis, implementation and rigorous and automated quality control processes, to brand development, communication campaigns and marketing.


    an hub of creative people, media experts and full-stack teams to build and promote sophisticated products with agile principles being applied in all areas and steps.





    engineers and architects with expertise on the most important and up-to-date technological frameworks.


    videographers, motion graphics experts, photographers, content producers and copy writers used to working with powerful brands and events.


    managers and coaches with professional experience on major global companies as also on start-ups.


    a global network of talented people that are ready to give the perfect answer to your desires.

  • Communication & Transmedia Unit


    Content production and communication are fundamental elements to develop effective marketing strategies in order to convey the right image of a product, service or event. The Communication and Transmedia Unit has specialists in video, design, content, communication, image, motion graphics and social media management, with knowledge and experience to develop, activate and promote a brand, develop multi platform communication strategies and ensure the management and development of audiences and potential clients.

  • Art & Music Unit


    The Arts & Music Unit is dedicated to the production and programming of artists and artistic activities, as well as the creation and coordination of cultural projects, most of them related to community development. It operates mainly in low density areas, paying special attention to the dynamism and promotion of some territories, aiming to enhance their socio-cultural and artistic development. These services are guaranteed by specialized professionals, who have a lot of experience in the area of ​​musical and artistic training, as well as in the creation of educational programs.

  • Events & Bootcamps


    This unit ensures the design, planning, programming, communication and documentation of various events. Through a team that combines several skills, accumulating an indispensable experience in the area, this department provides the necessary services for the organization and production of events such as conferences, training camps and bootcamps in several thematic areas, festivals, among others, with special focus on technological innovation and in the creative and artistic areas.

  • Quality Unit


    This unit offers fundamental skills to evaluate and guarantee the quality of digital products, analyzing them in an integrated way. It provides services for the validation, evaluation and quality control of the products, in addition to promoting a training and certification program for quality assurance teams.

  • Transformation Unit


    The Transformation Unit ensures the coordination of digital transformation. It comprises competent professionals to coordinate projects of external companies or to collaborate, in a consultancy or outsourcing regime, on the reorganization of companies and institutions, both from an organizational point of view to the production cycle.

  • Technology & Software Unit


    The Technological Unit is composed by teams of analysis and software development, which in articulation with companies specialized in the various technological sectors are able to implement high quality products or assume the partial implementation of essential functionalities, gathering the fundamental competences to guarantee all the phases of the product or service development process.

  • Where we are

    head quarter

    based in Paredes de Coura, in the North of Portugal, a region where great universities have been training an amazing generation that already proves to be top world class in different areas like IT, film, architecture, design or art.

    full remote

    we have collaborations running all around the world, that add to our structure the perfect skills that meet your requirements.

    and going rural

    we have collaborators living and working in the rural area, supporting the creation of micro IT centers in sparsely populated regions.

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  • the support that you need to flow seamlessly to success





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    full-stack feature teams to develop amazing and valuable products

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    all about quality assurance to reach total reliability on your products

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    scale and transform your organization with maximum trust

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    content production, brand activation and communication strategy

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