Empreende Makers

About this project

Empreende Makers is a project that emerged in 2021 with the aim of promoting the personal development of the population and supporting entrepreneurship in the region of Galicia (Spain) and Northern Portugal. In Paredes de Coura, the Municipality developed a diverse training programme with courses about the maker movement and its technologies, entrepreneurship and quality control.


What we did

Preparation and communication of a Training Programme focused on Entrepreneurship and Quality Control



Municipality of Paredes de Coura



2021 - 2022


Training Programme

Training in Quality Control in Digital Platforms

English Training for Entrepreneurs

Quality Control Workshops 

Digital Marketing and Communication Training - Strategies and Resources

Workshop on Project Finance through Sponsorship, Patronage and Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding Workshop with PPL

Mentoring Programme: Workshop on Entrepreneurship: Fundamental Skills

Workshop on Ideation and Teamwork

Workshop on Business Model and Strategy

Workshop on Communication and Pitch


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