Música Nova

About this project

Música Nova was one of the two projects chosen by the youth of Cerveira and Tomiño in the votes for the Cross-Border Participatory Budget 2023. The project aimed to promote joint musical activities between the two cities, seeking to showcase the tradition of local music while also encouraging the learning of new styles and musical techniques. The program was especially dedicated to young musicians (aged 12 to 30) and included activities such as workshops, rehearsals, showcases, and conversations with musicians. It was an original initiative of Eurocidade Cerveira - Tomiño, coproduced and programmed by the Rock’n’Cave Cultural Association.

What we did

Graphic Design, Brand Development and Activation


Rock’n’Cave Cultural Association


April to June 2023

Música Nova T-Shirt
Música Nova Mupi
Música Nova posters
Música Nova stickers
Música Nova social media
Música Nova - Social media design
Música Nova projection

Check the design project in detail on Behance.

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